Friday, October 19, 2007

30 Miss Earth candidates set to visit Urdaneta

THIRTY of the more than 80 Miss Earth candidates will be in Urdaneta City on October 28, 2007 for the swimsuit competition.

Venue of the swimsuit competition is the Lisland Rainforest Resort located a few meters away from McArthur Highway in Barangay San Vicente in the city.

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Urdaneta Mayor Amadeo Perez Jr. said they would welcome the Miss Earth entourage at the boundary of Urdaneta City and Villasis at 9 a.m.

There will be a motorcade around the city proper. The candidates will stop for a while at the New Public Market before they would proceed to the new Urdaneta City Hall in Barangay Anonas for the tree planting.

Perez said only 600 "paying" viewers/audience (fee includes dinner) would be accommodated inside during the swimsuit competition.

The organizers will set up a big screen outside the main resort to give the public a chance to view live the goings on inside the resort.

Security and traffic plan are in place, the mayor said. A good number of policemen, traffic aides and barangay tanods (watchmen) will be detailed along the highway especially at the area fronting the resort to prevent vehicular accidents.

Perez said the visit of the Miss Earth candidates here would be a big promotion not only for Lisland Rainforest Resort but also for the city as a whole. (Visited in the past years by Miss Earth candidates were the cities of Alaminos and Dagupan.)

Meanwhile, representatives of Carousel Productions visited the resort twice and assessed both its facilities and environs before giving allowing it to become one of the venues of the swimsuit competition.

The resort (others say it is a forest in the city) has 785 fully grown trees to date.

The candidates will spend the night here before they proceed to their next activity venue.

According to Perez, five candidates will be chosen here as finalists to the Miss Earth crown.

The Miss Earth 2007 pageant will be held on November 11 at the University of the Philippines Theater. (LCMY/Sunnex)

Source: Sun Star

Miss Earth-St Lucia off to international pageant

As the people of the Philippines set the stage for the arrival of the 2007 Miss Earth contestants, Miss Earth-Saint Lucia 2007 Oneka McKoy took her first international flight to the enchanting city of Manila, Philippines today (Thursday). Oneka is expected to be in Manila from the October 21 to the November14.
Since winning the Miss Earth-Saint Lucia title in early August this year Oneka McKoy has been undergoing rigorous training by pageant director Hanna Fitz. Oneka has been training to achieve internationally competitive walking techniques, and enhancing her question and answer capabilities. During her participation at the Miss Earth pageant Oneka will be expected to compete in the talent competition, where she will play a steel pan medley of “Island in the Sun” and “Woman of the Earth”—the theme song for the Miss Earth pageant. Oneka playing the woman of the earth song is sure to blow the judges away since she will not be expected to know the song.

Oneka’s costume was designed by Hanna and is named “Distinctly Saint Lucia”. The costume depicts our Pitons, flag and wings to symbolize the Amazona versicolour. Hanna says that she wanted a costume that was flexible to travel with and was also streamlined on Oneka because of her height (5”8) and petite frame. Oneka is very excited and grateful for the opportunity not only to visit the magnificent Philippines, but to have an opportunity to be an environmental ambassador for her country. While in the Phillipines, Oneka will be visiting schools to give speeches, visiting communities and making radio and television appearances.

According to Oneka, “My mother has told me that if I do not win this pageant I should stay in Manila”. The organizers of MESPRO International are very confident that not only will Oneka be a good representative for Saint Lucia but that she will exceed the performance of her predecessors. The organizers at MESPRO international say that “it only gets better with time and experience”. Stay tuned for more updates on Miss Earth-Saint Lucia’s performance in the Phillipines. To track Oneka’s performance in Manila visit or

Caption: Oneka McKoy is currently in Manila for the international leg of the Miss Earth pageant

Source: St Lucia Star

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Down-to-earth Aine hopes to win green title

By Victoria O'Hara

Ulster beauty Aine Gormley will jet off to the Philippines this weekend to try and turn rival competitors green with envy and win the Miss Earth 2007 title.

The PhD student at the University of Ulster in Coleraine recently won the Northern Ireland Miss Earth title.

The 25-year-old, who has a degree in Environmental Science, will now compete against contestants from around the world to try and win the pageant - which has the theme, 'beauties for a cause'.

"I am flying out to the Philippines from London alongside Miss Earth England, Scotland and Wales," she said.

The student from Enniskillen says this was the first beauty pageant she has entered after spotting the competition in an email.

Aine, who is a member of the Environmental Science Association of Ireland (ESAI), the Irish Quaternary association (IQUA), and the Institution of Environmental Sciences, says she would love to win the overall title.

And the academic, who arrives on October 20 for three weeks, says she is excited but nervous about the competition.

"The nerves are really building up now but it is very exciting at the same time, I still can't believe it's all actually happening!"

"So far there are 82 delegates signed up from all over the globe so it should be amazing meeting that many people.

"My mother, boyfriend and two friends will be joining me for the final 10 days, which is fantastic and I'll be really glad of the support at that stage.

"The actual pageant is on the night of November 11 and will be televised nationwide via ABS CBN with international telecasts via STAR TV and the Filipino Channel."

She added: " Parts of the contest, such as environmental platform, national costume, will also be held and filmed during our three-week stay."

Northern Ireland company Belleek Pottery has sponsored Aine and has provided her with a gift for the charity auction. Each competitor is required to bring one representing their country.

"Meave Cleary from Belleek presented me with a limited edition Shamrock 3-Handled Cup from its Archive Collection to celebrate 150 years in business.

"It is absolutely gorgeous and I am so grateful for their generosity," she said.

"I think if I won, it would be fantastic and it offers the chance to try and highlight key environmental concerns as well as represent your country on a global scale."

Source: Belfast Telegraph

Model Truc Diem to represent Vietnam at Miss Earth ’07

20-year-old model and student Truong Tri Truc Diem
Model Truong Tri Truc Diem has been chosen to represent Vietnam at the 7th annual Miss Earth 2007, which will be held in the Philippines from October 21 to November 11.
20-year-old Truc Diem, the runner-up of Vietnam Miss Photo 2005 and winner of the Best Advertisement Model 2006, is currently a senior at Cetana PSB Intellis as a marketing student.

According to Truc Diem, thanks to her excellent verbal ability in English, her 1.72 meter height and her outstanding posture, she will represent Vietnam well.

She is confident and eager to introduce Vietnamese culture and beauty to a world stage at the contest.

She will wear an evening gown designed by designer Truong Thanh Hai and a traditional Vietnamese ao dai designed by ABC Fashion Co.

Reported by Huy Tuong

Source: Thanhnien News

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Miss Indonesia ranks 15th in 2007 Int`l Beauty Contest

Miss Indonesia ranks 15th in 2007 Int`l Beauty Contest

Tokyo (ANTARA News) - Miss Indonesia Rahma M Landi taking part in the 2007 Miss International Beauty Pageant in Tokyo ranked only the 15th among the other participants from 66 countries.

Chairman of the Indonesian Ladies Foundation Wardiman Djojonegoro made the remark in a meeting with Indonesian ambassador to Japan Jusuf Anwar at his residence here on Tuesday.

Indonesia`s participation in international event was to show that Indonesia promotes its natural culture to the world, said Wardiman, a former education minister.

At the meeting, Wardiman was accompanied by Rahma M Landy and Kusumadewi Sutanto, a member of the jury.

Wardiman further said that Indonesia participated in the beauty contest to promote the dignity of Indonesian women in international contests, and that the essence of beauty in Indonesia concerns smartness in giving added value to the participant in the contest.

He also said that pros and cons on the need of Indonesian women to participate in the international beauty contest had become out of date. Meanwhile Rahma M Landy on the occasion explained her preparations of the whole process for the international contest.

Wardiman said he was not disappointed by what Miss Indonesia has achieved, because every effort has been made.

"I am happily and feel proud, as after being absent in the international event for 30 years, Indonesia has sent me to the even," Rahma M Landy said.

Rahma also said she was very happy as Indonesia won the "best speech" among the other contestants. (*)

Source: Antara News

Miss Universe says 'no' to wearing fur

TOKYO (AFP) — Miss Universe, Riyo Mori of Japan, vowed Tuesday not to wear fur and declared herself an animal lover after a protest campaign by animal rights activists.

"I will say this out loud: I will not wear fur," Mori told AFP. "I love animals and I agree with those who oppose wearing fur products."

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) launched a campaign last week to press Mori to renounce fur, angered that she went on the catwalk with a full-length fur coat.

Mori and other contestants wore the fur coats during the final round of the preliminary pageant in Japan to select the national candidate, the Miss Universe Organization said.

"At that time I wasn't expecting to face this issue so soon as Miss Universe," Mori said.

But Mori said she felt the need to speak out about after being crowned Miss Universe in Mexico City earlier this year.

"I am invited to Fendi's show in China next week and I was encouraged to pick a coat because it will be very cold when I travel there," she said, referring to the Italian fashion house.

"The entire Fendi collection of winter coats which was offered to me to pick from was fur, but I said I would not wear one made with fur," she said.

"I will wear a white jumper that will be lent by Fendi."

PETA is famous for its publicity stunts and for targeting celebrities who wear fur and companies that sell it.

The US-based rights group wrote Mori a letter asking her to "prove that your beauty is more than skin deep" and encouraged its members to send her emails.

Ines Ligron, Miss Universe Japan national director who helped train Japanese contestants, said she encouraged Mori and other candidates to wear the fur coats in the preliminary contest.

Supporting Mori's decision to decline a Fendi fur coat, Ligron said: "She refused even though she was kind of pressured to wear fur."

Mori, 20, has said she wants to use her tenure as Miss Universe to fight HIV and AIDS and that she hopes one day to perform on Broadway.

She added she also wants to draw the attention of pet lovers in Japan, some of whom go to extremes to put name-brand outfits on their dogs and cats.

"I wonder how many children in Africa would starve to death while some people here spend a lot of money on their pets," she said. "We have to think about more than just what's right in front of us."

Source: AFP

Monday, October 15, 2007

Vietnamese candidate wins Miss International Image title

The online poll for contestants in the Miss International 2007 pageant contest closed on October 14. Vietnam’s Pham Thi Thuy Duong was the winner, with 65% of the votes.

Commencing on October 9, the online poll received more than 10,700 votes, including over 7,000 or 65% cast for Thuy Duong, 5% for the representatives of the US and Mexico, and 4% for contestants from Venezuela and Hong Kong.

However, Thuy Duong is not among the 12 girls who are forecast to be able to win the Miss International 2007 crown. According to Geocities, Japan’s website on the Miss International 2007 pageant contest, representatives of Belarus, Brazil, Dominican Republic, France, India, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain, Turkey and Venezuela are the top candidates for the Miss International 2007 title. Japan won Miss Photo title on October 3.

Sixty-one beauties on Sunday participated in the rehearsal to prepare for the final night, which will take place at the Prince Park Tower in Tokyo this evening, October 15.

Source: Vietnam News Bridge